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The World’s New Largest Private Yacht

The fight has just got bigger between Superyacht Owners. On April 5th 2013, Lürssen launched the 180 metre 546-foot yacht Azzam which is now the largest yacht in the world.

Superyacht Azzam







It is larger than Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse.

It is still not sure who owns this new superyacht, But rumors are that it could be Saudi Prince Al-Waleed.

The New Largest Yacht in the World, cost an estimate of $500 Million to build.

Its propulsion system is Large water jets, that will give the Yacht speeds of 25 to 30 knots at sea.

Rumors say that Azzam will be able to reach speeds beyond 30 knots which is powered by 2 gas turbines and 2 large diesel engines which total 90,000 plus HP!

Blohm & Voss are very experienced with Water Jet propelled ships, As they build Water jet Naval ships.

Superyacht Project Azzam Stern

Superyacht Project Azzam


Feadship Project Dream

Feadship have launched project dream 5 weeks ago, in Makkum, Netherlands.
The 99 Meter Feadship is the largest superyacht ever built in the Netherlands. Its a andrew winch exterior design, very sleek and fast look.




All details are currently confidential so no one knows much more about this new Superyacht Launched by Feadship. There is rumor it can reach 24 knots.



Cakewalk is a Luxury Charter Motor Yacht at 281 Feet or 85.6 meters it offers multiple aft decks, Spas, Jaccuzi and a lot of toys!

Its certainly not the largest Superyacht in the world but it is the largest Superyacht built in the United States of America. Built by Derecktor New York Shipyard it was launched in 2010.
The Superyacht Cakewalk has 2, MTU 16V 4000 M71 engines of 3306hp each. Cakewalk also has 4 generators which are all MTU’s, 2x 660kw and 2x 350kw.
Cakewalk certainly is a state of the art Maritime vessel, it has a range of 5000NM 15 knots. With a fuel capacity of 370,000Â L / 81,000 USG.

Other features include:

A Vikal Custom Limousine Yacht Tender with a maximum speed of 50knots!

Jacuzzi (on deck)
Helicopter Landing Pad
At anchor Stabilizers
Lift (Elevator)


Octopus   A lot of yachts impress us with their design, style, interior and engineering, but for Octopus the list is not so short. The luxury yacht is property of Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft and the richest men in the world. The yacht is impressive with overall length of 126.20 meters, which is about 414 feet and the length between perpendiculars is 109.96 meters. The super-yacht was built in the yard of Lurssen Yachts in 2003, which is one of the highest quality yards, creating some of the most luxury and largest yachts of the world. The yacht Octopus has beam of 21.00 meters and draft of 5.66 meters. These measurements are too large for motor-yacht and definitely can be compared with small ship, but Octopus is one of the most luxury motor yachts, which were ever built.

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Al Said

Al Said   Al Said is one of the largest, most luxury and most expensive super-yachts of the world. The yacht Al Said is property of the Sultan Qaboos of Oman and projected by Lursen under Sunflower name, covered with a lot of mystery and innovations. The luxury yacht Al Said has length of 155.00 meters, beam of 24.00 meters and maximum draft of 5.20 meters. These measurements are making the beautiful yacht, the third largest motor-yacht in the world nowadays. Al Said yacht can be compared with cruise ships, not only by measurements and size, but also with capacity. On board the yacht has capacity for 70 guests, who will be served by 154 crew members and staff. The yacht is built in 2007 in Lursen yacht-yard, where are also created some of the largest and most quality yachts of the world.

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Sunseeker 40 M

Sunseeker 40M   One of the most beautiful yachts of the famous brand of Sunseeker is 40 M. The yacht is one of the most luxury yachts, having length of 40.05 meters and beam of 8.09 meters. The super-yacht is in process of building and will be finished in the Sunseeker yards in 2012. This yacht will attract hundreds of people, with beautiful and aggressive design, luxury interior and large living area. Sunseeker 40 M will have draft of 2.70 meters when fully loaded and many of the yacht lovers can compare it with small cruise ship. The main engine of such luxury yacht should be also quite reliable and give high speed for the guests on board. The main engine is MTU 12V 4000 M93, with total power of 6360 PS. The propulsion system is also from new generation, reducing the resistance and increasing the power provided to the propeller.

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Al Mirquab

Al Mirqab   Some of the largest super yachts are really impressive and we are just amazed when seeing them. The super-yacht Al Mirquab is one of the largest and most expensive private yachts in the world. The yacht was built in 2008 in Peters Schiffbau yards in Wewelsfleth, Germany. This beautiful yacht impresses all of us with luxury, beautiful design and perfect interior. The architecture on Al Mirquab was designed by the Kusch Yachts company, which is specialized in designing of large yachts and cruise ships. The interior design was commended to Andrew Winch. And both ideas together with the support of a few millions USD are turned into one beautiful super-yacht, called Al Mirquab. The length of the yacht is 133.00 meters and the beam is 18.00 meters. The draft, when fully loaded is 3.10 meters and the deadweight is 1,440 metric tons. The gross tonnage of the yacht is 5,000 metric tons and the capacity is for 12 guests.

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Eclipse superyacht   These days was launched the largest and most expensive yacht built ever – Eclipse. The yacht has overall length of 155.20 meters (or 509 feet) and length between perpendiculars of 147.00 meters (equals to 482 feet). The beam of the super-yacht is 21.50 meters and the draft of the yacht is 5.00 meters. This definitely now is the largest and most expensive yacht of the world. The yacht is property of the well-known Russian billionaire – Roman Abramovich. The yacht Eclipse is going just a step in front of the second largest private yachts Dubai and Pelorus. The newly built Eclipse yacht was built from Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. The beautiful yacht can be valued to price of 350 millions USD. The beauty owns two helicopters’ caps, 20 water jets and own submarine. This is only the beginning when we start explaining the wonders of Eclipse yacht, because when some Russian oligarch starts to orders extras for his yacht, sometimes he forgot everything. The submarine is boarding from the bottom of the yacht and this allows for the owner to board the yacht in absolute privacy.

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Prince Abdul Aziz

Prince Abdul Aziz   When talking about yachts we should not miss one of the wonders of 20th century – motor yacht Prince Abdul Aziz. The yacht was built in 1984 in the ship-yard of Helsingor Vaerft in Denmark. The large yacht has long history and when was built this was definitely the largest and most expensive yacht. Nowardays we can meet much yachts, but this one kept the atmosphere of the old generation. The length of Prince Abdul Aziz is 147.00 meters, which is about 482 feet. The beam of the yacht is 18.30 meters, or 60 feet and the draft is 4.90 meters, or 16 feet. These measurements are forming one really fantastic and amazing steel yacht, which actually is small cruise ship. The yacht is one of the Royal Yachts of Saudi Royal Family. Her owner is King Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia. The yacht is really interesting is design point of view with large bow and place helicopter cap situated there.

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Dubai   When talking about maritime transport the yachts are the kids of this sector of economy. And some of these yachts are really amazing. The motor yacht Dubai is the most expensive one in the world. The yacht has a length of 158 meters, or 524 feet, which is one fantastic and very large measurement for one yacht. The beam of Motor Yacht Dubai is 24.40 meters, which is equals to 80 feet. The draft of the yacht is 4 meters, and this makes in my eyes the yacht similar to one cruise ships, even smaller one. The yacht Dubai has very interesting history. The yacht is property of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the price of the yacht is about 300 million US Dollars. The yacht was projected first by the younger brother of the Emirate of Dubai and got the project was named Golden star. Later the project was went to reality by the Sheikh himself. The motor yacht Dubai was built in Blohm & Voss, Lurssen in 2007 and only with a little advance, got the first place for most luxury and most expensive yacht versus the yacht of Roman Abramovic – Pelorus.

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