Full STCW 95 Certificates List

Full STCW 95 Certificates
Reg. II/1 – Officer in charge of a navigational watch of vessels over 500GT
Reg. II/2 – Master and Chief Mate of vessels from 500 to 3000GT & over 3000GT
Reg. II/3 – Master & Officers of vessels less than 500 Gross Tonnage
Reg. II/4 – Ratings forming part of a navigational watch

Reg. III/1 – Officer in charge of an engineering watch of vessels over 750 kW
Reg. III/2 – Chief Engineer and Second Engineer of vessels over 3000kW
Reg. III/3 – Chief Engineer and Second Engineer of vessels less than 3000kW
Reg. III/4 – Ratings form part of an engineering watch

STCW95 Certificates are a must have, when it comes to working on Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships & Large Superyachts.

If you are wanting a Superyacht Job the levels of STCW95 are different and you will need to complete the yachting level of courses.


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